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Case Study: Jockey P2P General Session Open and VIP Reveal

Case Study: Nathan Coe Marsh Provides General Session Opener and VIP Reveal for Jockey P2P

Photo: Mark Taulbee, Proshots Event Photography

When Jockey’s direct selling brand, Jockey Person to Person, holds their national conference; the most eagerly awaited session is the fashion show that launches the company’s designs for the season. Jockey P2P and their production and entertainment partners had three objectives in partnering with Orlando Magician Nathan Coe Marsh on this session:

1. To get the group captivated, engaged, and excited at the opening of the session.

2. To end the session with a memorable, spectacular production number that would bring the room to its feet.

3. They wanted to accomplish both in a way that fit their theme of “The Magic of Jockey P2P.”

To open the session, Nathan provided a high-energy performance that created focus, excitement, had the rafters rattling with laughter, featured attendees as the stars of the show, and got the audience in a high state of anticipation for the product showcase to follow. For the climax of the session, Nathan collaborated closely with Gettings Productions, Inc. Gettings custom wrote, composed, and produced a pop ballad for the client, which was performed live. Nathan was brought in to transform the vocalist into Jockey P2P Founder Debra S. Waller as the spectacular finish.

This illusion had several specific requirements:

1. It had to require minimal rehearsal with the VIP
2. It had to be designed so that the VIP was comfortable at all times during the performance.
3. It had to be stunning.

Months of pre-planning (three different methods of achieving this transformation were worked out by Nathan and his creative team for consideration by the client) and extensive rehearsal came together in a flawless performance that brought the entire room to their feet and provided Jockey P2P with the rock star climax they sought. In the words of Lloyd Hanson, account representative at Peyton Entertainment and Productions: “His creativity and communication skills throughout the planning process resulted in an ecstatic client, a perfectly executed performance and an amazed audience!”

“Nathan Coe Marsh is not only an amazing artist, but is fantastic and fun to work with. He is passionate about his art with a consistent goal to always exceed the client’s expectations. Having recently contracted Nathan for customized VIP reveal at a general session open for Jockey, I was impressed with how his creativity and communication skills throughout the planning process resulted in an ecstatic client, a perfectly executed performance, and an amazed audience! As an entertainment agent and event planner, it is always comforting to know that you are in the best hands available when working with and providing Nathan Coe Marsh as your headline entertainment!”

Lloyd Hanson
Peyton Entertainment and Productions

Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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