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Awards Show Entertainment: Energize, Engage, Fascinate

“Standing ovations throughout…laughter connected everything together…There is no one else that I know who could have brought what Nathan Coe Marsh brought to the table for this event.”

Lovelynn Jensen, Showorks

Awards Show Entertainment Worthy of Your Honorees

Say NO to boring awards shows. Awards programs are a critical tool to recognize your team and motivate them to the next level. Nothing quite matches the feeling of walking on that stage to the cheers and applause of your peers to make a team member feel valued for their wins. BUT it is so easy for corporate awards programs to drag. Attention dwindles, guests leave early, energy drains. Your winners deserve an audience that is relaxed, focused, rattling the walls with laughter, energized, engaged, and into the moment. Corporate event entertainer Nathan Coe Marsh provides awards show entertainment designed to raise the energy level, fill the room with laughter, and feature your team members as the stars of the show. Nathan Coe Marsh’s award show entertainment is fully customized for your group, and — as a professional MC — he can also provide the connective tissue for your awards program; insuring that the show moves at the perfect pace, your message is integrated, and that announcements are professionally handled. Nathan Coe Marsh’s calendar fills quickly — click “Get Nathan” to see if he is available for your event and get a zero-pressure consultation about your awards show entertainment.

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