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Let your sales professionals focus on selling, while qualified leads are attracted to the booth.


Nathan integrates your message into his performance, educating his crowds about the benefits of your offering while they are having fun.


From the very beginning, Nathan tailors his approach to your specific exhibit needs. Whether your goal is to capture as many leads as possible, make your message sing, or just be the talk of the show; Nathan has an approach to help make this your most successful exhibit.

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How much money just walked past your booth?

A trade show is one of the most competitive (and expensive!) sales environments. You are in the same room with your competition, and you are fighting for one critical asset: the attention of your prospects. You can have the best sales team, the greatest product, the smartest follow-up; but if you don’t give your prospects a reason to stop, you are losing money. Why, in a sea of booths, will they stop at your exhibit? Because Nathan Coe Marsh makes them. Using hilarious, amazing, and professional entertainment — honed over a decade of experience at trade show booths just like yours — Nathan engages your prospects, communicates your message in a memorable way, and gets them talking to your sales staff. Passersby become leads.

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