Nathan Coe Marsh comes to the Orlando Improv

Magician Nathan Coe Marsh comes to the Orlando Improv at Pointe Orlando Magician Nathan Coe Marsh comes to the Orlando Improv on Wednesday, May 16 at 8pm

Nathan Coe Marsh’s Impossible: An Evening of Magic comes to the Orlando Improv

Wednesday, May 16 | 7pm Arrival, 8pm Show | Ages 21+

Orlando, FL

A pint of water floats in mid-air, defying gravity until the second you tell it to fall. In that moment the spell breaks and water cascades down. This is one of the marvels in “Impossible: An Evening of Live Magic” at The Orlando Improv. The show stars magician and comedian Nathan Coe Marsh — seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, in 13 countries (including performances for American Troops overseas), and — this coming June — at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

The child of two artists, Florida native (and Orlando local) Marsh traded in paintbrushes to teach himself to perform impossible stunts with duct-tape, fruit, a high velocity paintball gun, and the human mind. Says Marsh “This show is about giving audiences an experience that is fragile and rare: a direct encounter with the impossible. We’re going to laugh, we’re going to have fun, but by the end of the night you will experience things you have never experienced before.”

The Orlando Improv is located at 9101 International Drive Suite 2310, Pointe Orlando, Orlando, FL 32819 and can be reached at (407) 480-5233.

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Nathan Coe Marsh at Orlando Improv

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Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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