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Every detail counts when world-class entertainment is expected.

Nathan Coe Marsh consistently delivers "mind-blowing" (NBC) live experiences.

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Happy Clients


“Looking forward to working with him many times in the future!”

- Artistic Director, Hollywood Magic Castle

“Standing ovations throughout... Laughter connected together... There is no one else that I know who could have brought what Nathan Coe Marsh brought to the table for this event.”

- Event Producer, Showorks

“We have no idea how you did that!”

- Penn & Teller

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Nathan Coe Marsh

magic from
start to finish

As an event planner, you have thousands of details to tend to: arrivals, decor, dietary needs. Finding the right entertainment for your guests is one of many pieces in your puzzle. All of these pieces contribute to the most important aspect of your event: your audience’s experience.

What your audience sees, feels, and experiences during your presenter’s time on stage has a far greater impact on the success of your event than nearly any other part of the puzzle. Nathan cherishes entertainment's power and responsibility.

With thousands of performances at live events in over a dozen countries, Nathan Coe Marsh is dependably amazing and engaging. He has the background and expertise to deliver extraordinary guest experiences when it matters most.


Headline Show

Nathan's signature offering for groups of 20 - 2,000 guests

Master of ceremonies

Your event made seamless with a polished, professional host and optional live entertainment integration.

Session Opening Act

Launch your general session with energy and momentum with high impact entertainment.

Your vip appears

Nathan Coe Marsh can give your CEO, MC, or VIP Speaker a fun and spectacular entrance by making them appear on stage by magic.

Zoom Show
Virtual Performances

Incredible and engaging interactive comedy magic that turns your Zoom (or other favorite platform) meeting into a magic theater. Each show is created just for your group from Nathan's live stream studio.


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