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Every detail counts when world-class entertainment is expected.

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“I was absolutely blown away, and I am not an easy person to amaze or to please for that matter. I have seen a lot, and you are one of the best acts going on…creative, funny, entertaining, and clever”

- President, Innovative Planners

“Standing ovations throughout... Laughter connected everything together... There is no one else that I know who could have brought what Nathan Coe Marsh brought to the table for this event.”

- Event Producer, Showorks

"We had more than 850 attendees and they were completely captivated by Nathan."

- President and CEO, Creative Sign Designs

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A World-Class Entertainer with a Proven Track Record

Nathan Coe Marsh

Hilarious. Original. Amazing

Nathan Coe Marsh’s blend of personality-driven magic and dry wit has taken him to 30+ countries across six continents, been featured on screen on NBC, CBS, FOX, and Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and captivated audiences at corporate events for Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, GE, Jockey, and many others.

Nathan has been featured in a six month headline residency at luxury resorts in Maui and O’ahu in Hawai’i, entertained service members on military bases overseas (including in Iraq and along the Syrian border) at the invitation of the US Department of Defense, is regularly featured at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and was chosen to be the first ever guest headline entertainer onboard The Yachts of Ritz Carlton.

MAGIC Magazine described his work as "a breath of fresh air," VANISH International Magic Magazine featured him on its cover and named him "one of the top comedy magicians in the magic world," and Event Solutions magazine chose him as a finalist for "Entertainer of The Year."

The Benefits of Working With Nathan Coe Marsh:

A world-class performance:

Nathan’s international reputation and extensive experience ensure a top-notch performance that will captivate your guests.

Increased engagement:

The interactive nature of Nathan’s show fosters connection and camaraderie among attendees.


Nathan will work with you to tailor his performance to your event, ensuring a seamless fit with your theme and objectives.

Stress-free entertainment:

With Nathan handling the entertainment, you can focus on other aspects of your event, confident that your guests are in for a memorable evening.

Magic From Start to Finish

As an event planner, you have thousands of details to tend to: arrivals, decor, dietary needs. Finding the right entertainment for your guests is one of many pieces in your puzzle.

All of these pieces contribute to the most important aspect of your event: your audience’s experience.

What your audience sees, feels, and experiences during your presenter’s time on stage has a far greater impact on the success of your event than nearly any other part of the puzzle.

Nathan cherishes entertainment's power and responsibility.

With thousands of performances at live events in 20 countries (and counting), Nathan Coe Marsh is dependably amazing and engaging. He has the background and expertise to deliver extraordinary guest experiences when it matters most.

Take the First Step Towards an Extraordinary Guest Experience

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