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Videos of Nathan Coe Marsh

One Minute Demo Reel

A brief overview of what corporate event entertainer Nathan Coe Marsh brings to your opening night, awards show, sales meeting, closing dinner, or conference event.

National TV

Nathan was chosen as the finale guest artist on the Season Premiere of Penn & Teller’s hit series Fool Us. Hosted by Alyson Hannigan (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “American Pie”); Penn & Teller invite a select group of magicians from around the world to perform for them in Las Vegas on national television.

The Amazing Ring

A guest’s ring appears in the most surprising place, filmed live in Orlando, Florida.

A Most Dangerous Cocktail

Nathan Coe Marsh shows off the most dangerous (and unusual) way to mix a cocktail.

One Orlando

On June 12, 2016, Orlando came under attack. Three Orlando-based artists — a magician (Nathan Coe Marsh), a musician (harpist Deanna Carolina) and a photographer (Phil Velasquez of Revelo Studios), came together to create this video tribute to their city and support fundraising for victims and victims’ families.

Sealed Vision

The unnervingly compelling illusion of mind reading. With his eyes duct-taped closed, Nathan’s sees with the eyes of your guests.