Interactive Entertainment for Digital Events

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Transform your digital event into a customized, interactive, live
TV show that stars your guests.

I was absolutely blown away, and I am not an easy person to amaze.”

Patti Palmer, President, Innovative Planners

As a very big fan of Nathan Coe Marsh, I’m looking forward to working with him many times in the future.”

Jack Goldfinger, Director of Entertainment, The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. | The Magic Castle

Every seat is a front row seat for world-class sleight-of-hand, mind-bending illusions, and charming interaction. Then, when the magic happens in the room with you — miles away from Nathan — it creates a level of surprise and delight that shatters expectations.

A phenomenal experience! One of the best experiences we’ve had in a workplace, which is saying a lot because it was all done remotely.”

Zeeshan Hafeez, Chief Revenue Officer, VeeMed

You receive a complimentary customized invite video to build excitement for the event, and a highlight video after the fact to share the memories.

His talent and ingenuity are both inspiring as we all work to creatively navigate through the new normal.”

Kevin Coppins, President and CEO, Spirion

The show was fantastic, the team couldn’t stop talking about it! Bravo!”

Earl Losier
President, Preferred Materials

Nathan’s newly renovated studio is a versatile canvas for your event. Your graphics and video can be seamlessly and professionally integrated into the show. Multiple cameras, professional lighting, state-of-the-art audio, and hard-wired internet ensure your guests never miss a moment and your brand is well represented by a quality production.

I can’t recommend Nathan highly enough. He did an amazing job hosting multiple virtual magic shows for our teams. He incorporated our theme, corporate culture, and history into his show. We would absolutely hire him again!”

Sunny Martin
Payroll Supervisor, ADP

Three Options:

Nathan Coe Marsh’s Virtual Magic is offered in three different packages to seamlessly fit a wide range of events.

  • The Magical Meeting Break:
    Launch your event with a high energy, fun, and interactive 10-20 minute (at your discretion) performance that can be dropped into an existing meeting.
  • The Show:
    The full 35-40 minute program of mind-blowing, hilarious, and interactive live entertainment designed exclusively for virtual experiences.
  • The Show + The Backstage Experience:
    Enjoy a full show and then your group is treated to a unique talkback with the artist.
    During this session, Nathan can take you behind the scenes of the creative process, including how he developed the much talked-about piece he performed on Penn & Teller’s hit series “Fool Us;” or share epic stories from traveling the world as a magician; or teach your group two simple magic tricks they can perform themselves.

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He surpassed all of the expectations I didn’t know I had.”

Nicole Radziwill, PhD, MBA
Chair, ASQ Software Division

You’re in Great Company

“I have met 1, 2 or 30 corporate magicians over the years and they all become a blur…Nathan Coe Marsh has shown us all that he not only has talent, but that he truly understands how to integrate brands, entertain and work with companies to promote their message…nothing short of brilliant.”

Craig Corwin, Senior Manager, Event Operations, Universal Orlando Resort

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About Nathan Coe Marsh

Nathan Coe Marsh’s blend of genuine warmth, hilarious interaction, and stunning impossibilities has been seen in venues as diverse as the yacht of an NFL team owner, the Top of the World club in Thule, Greenland, the iconic Magic Castle in Hollywood, and performances in French Polynesia, the Mexican Riviera, Central America, the mountains of Banff, and on Penn & Teller’s prime time TV series Fool Us.
Nathan’s corporate event performances led Event Solutions magazine to name him a finalist for “Entertainer of the Year,” while MAGIC Magazine described his work as “a breath of fresh air.” In addition to performing, Nathan writes for Genii; the leading trade journal for magicians.
He is the creator of Magic: Here & Now, a program for digital events that allows guests to experience the impossible in their own homes.
Nathan lives in Orlando, Florida.