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Corporate Entertainment Ideas Your Guests Won’t Be Expecting

Corporate Entertainment Ideas Your Guests Won’t Be Expecting

Today we feature a guest post from our friends at Corporate Entertainment Professionals. The CEP is one of the UK’s premiere entertainment agencies, and today they offer a look at corporate entertainment ideas that are unexpected (I’m a particular fan of the life-size dinosaur).

Sometimes it pays to opt for something that little out of the ordinary when it comes to corporate entertainment, and by offering up exciting and interactive entertainment you can ensure that your event goes off with a bang as opposed to a whimper. Corporate entertainment is all about making people feel involved, and it can be used to not only increase staff morale levels but to impress investors, clients and other associates too. There are many different types of entertainers that you can hire if you’ re hoping to put on a truly memorable event, and whether you opt for girls in Martini glasses, life size dinosaur hire or stilt walkers, you can create spectacles that won’t be forgotten by your guests in a hurry.

From Robot Hire To Stilt Walkers
Some companies even choose to hire a video production company to commit their event to tape, ensuring that it can be enjoyed all over again by various people, for years to come. Putting on an exciting corporate event can show you staff that you appreciate them and win over external companies and clients too. Magicians are also a popular choice as they are known for their ability to create an electric atmosphere, whilst encouraging mass audience participation. They are fantastic when it comes to breaking the ice and nurturing conversation. If some of your attendees have never spoken to each other in depth before, the presence of a magician can equate to a wonderful talking point. Many people have never seen a magician at work in a real-life setting before either, so hiring one allows you to create wonderful first-time experiences for your guests.

An Electric Atmosphere
Magicians appeal to people of all ages too, leaving little chance for any of your guests to feel alienated or uninvolved during your event. They hold a universal appeal where other conventional forms of entertainment such as bands may not. Laughter can be an essential component of a great corporate event, and the best magicians can spread a feeling of camaraderie across a whole room.

There are other practical considerations to think about away from entertainment however when you’re putting on a corporate event, and you’ll need to work hard to find the best location and secure the best catering options available too. Nonetheless, a great entertainment act can turn a good night into a great one.

Impressing Clients
Whilst corporate events are obviously great for staff morale, it’s important to remember how useful they can be when it comes to building great relationships with your clients or potential clients too. You can show that you appreciate their interest, time and business, whilst spending time with them in a relaxed, care-free setting. In any case, a successful event can lead to a feeling of morale that continues to be present long after the event ends. Whether you’re looking at robot hire, dancing girls or other performers, prior planning will translate into a wonderful event.

Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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