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Inside The Magic Castle

Inside The Magic Castle

Nathan Coe Marsh’s full performance film

The Magic Castle — Hollywood, CA

This began with a conversation with a friend about how I would like to see magic presented on TV (which, with Netflix’s massive presence in the primetime Emmy Awards is now more broadly defined than ever).

The heart and soul of magic is the live, in-the-room experience; it is an experience that is profoundly diluted when watched through a screen.

I’ve long been a fan of concert films like The Last Waltz, Richard Pryor Live at the Sunset Strip, Woodstock, and Louis C.K.’s several self-produced and distributed performance films.

These works cinematically capture the emotional experience, as best they can, of a night of live performance. They point towards live performance rather than pretending to be a substitute for it.

It has worked beautifully for music and comedy, but I have not seen it tried often (ever?) with magic.

I decided that, rather than wait for permission by trying to sell the idea to a production company and having to work within someone else’s vision, to go out and make the kind of magic special I would want to see.

So mix yourself an Old-fashioned (a staple at the Magic Castle), put your phone away, expand your browser to full screen, and enjoy my full performance at The Magic Castle.

Watch The Full Performance

The Best is Yet to come!

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