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Live Magic Is Trending

Live Magic Is Trending

I’ve just returned from a phenomenal 24 show run at House of Cards Nashville. It is an extraordinary new, multi-million dollar fine dining restaurant and venue for live magic in the heart of Downtown Nashville.
It is a remarkable venue into which a lot of love has been poured. What struck me is that it was filled to the brim nearly every night (even on a Monday). A big part of this is, undeniably, the incredible job the team at House of Cards has done to create a remarkable experience for guests. But there is something else afoot.
You may have noticed: magic is riding a wave of popularity. From magician Shin Lim winning America’s Got Talent, to the success of Penn & Teller’s Prime Time Series “Fool Us,” to the Broadway show “The Illusionists” selling out performing arts centers around the world.
Beyond this, and in addition to House of Cards upscale magic-themed nightclubs exploding around the country including The Chicago Magic Lounge and the return of Magic Island in Houston Texas; all following the influence of the world famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Consumers are lining up to experience magic.
Live magic — performed expertly — has always fascinated audiences, but it has come in and out of the consciousness of popular culture. Right now, thanks to the hard work of a number of great entertainers and entrepreneurs, it is in the spotlight. This is a phenomenal time to ride this wave for your event or venue by working with an expert magician.
The best is yet to come,

Nathan Coe Marsh
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