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  • I read the rest of the article, and he says other amazing things about you. Congratulations, Nathan. You work harder on behalf of your clients than anyone I’ve ever met, and the article talks about the rewards for everyone involved. Great work!

    • Keith,

      Thank you so much for all of your help and support through the years. Truly value our friendship!



  • FANTASTIC, Nathan! This is going to be a series in which many will find valuable takeaways that will serve them and their clients for eons to come. Well done!

  • I knew you’d be on TV one day – first little step of the TV road to fame!

  • Congratulations Nathan! I am so very excited for you!!

  • WOO HOO! This is a great spot for you and for P&T!

  • Looking forward to watching Nathan!!

  • That was really a great account of your appearance. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for accounts of magicians appearing on the show. I will be taping this March and I’m really more excited than anything else to be a part of this history. Thank you for easing my mind as the date gets closer.

  • It’s frustrating to see people use the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth to come to such inane conclusions.

    Having read the bible regularly growing up, I like to think that Jesus would have enjoyed the show and laughed at the joke without thinking you are in league with dark spirits.

    If you think Jesus would have wanted you to falsely accuse people of association with Lucifer in these circumstances, then it’s like his sacrifice and torment was wasted on you.

  • Howdy Nathan!
    Thank you and all of your fellow members of Operation Magic All Stars for traveling to Thule. I was assigned to the Top of the World for a little over a year. The dedicated men and women of Team Thule carry out an extremely important mission under very challenging conditions. Take it from me, the positive impact of your performance will last for a very long time. Finally, thank you for bringing back great memories with your pictures.
    Top of the World to You!
    Lee-Volker Cox

  • Love the website

  • Nathan,

    You’re absolutely correct. Although I’ve enjoyed watching the show, I’ve not been fond of the premise or the name for that reason.

    Magic, at it’s best, like other art forms can kindle within us deep feelings, whether it be the wonder of magic, the comfort or energy of music, the spirit of dance, or escaping to another location in a painting. All of these arts are inspiring to us.

    As a long-time hobbyist magician, I absolutely love Penn and Teller and the show for the ideas that are presented.

    However if I was just another spectator I would feel a need to rise to the challenge to work out the “puzzle” and would be conditioning myself to lose sight of the wonder.

    If the spectator “solves the puzzle”, they will most likely be disappointed in the method. I always tell those that ask, “If I tell you the secret, then it will cease to be magic.”

    Thanks Nathan. I knew that others must be sharing the same thoughts.

    • I don’t want to just watch magicians. Penn & Teller make the show, and like Jeopardy it’s fun to play along at home. I once figured out a trick that fooled them but usually I’m baffled. Trying to decode Penn’s description of the trick is a big part of the fun.

  • I agree with you Nathan. For this reason I have *always* disliked the term “trick’ and, when performing magic my goal is NOT to demonstrate a puzzle or try to make the spectator(s) feel ‘the fool’. It is an entertainment – not unlike dancing or singing – whereby your expression of excitement and joy in your performance is (hopefully) contagious and affects the audience in some significant way.

  • So proud to know you and the giant leaps of success!

  • Never fails to leave us baffled – HOW DID YOU DO THAT? incredible as always.