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The Living Room Sessions

Awful Production Value. Killer Material

It’s rare to find a full-time professional magician willing to share inner workings from their working act. Nathan Coe Marsh does it beautifully in The Living Room Sessions videos. The material is strong and nicely crafted. Everything is meticulously researched and smart. Nathan is a natural teacher, he explains every detail in an easy going, easy to follow fashion. This is strong workable material, perfectly suited for stage or parlor.

Jeff Evason The Evasons

Nathan is an experienced professional who performs real-world magic for real-world audiences. I’m excited to learn he’ll be tipping some of the routines that earned him a standing-ovation at the end of a recent headline spot at the Improv I witnessed.”

Steve Bedwell

Nathan is sharing strong solid routines that are to use of any magician, but especially those that wish to perform stand up. There is great thinking here worthy of your time”

Jon Armstrong

Nathan’s magic is so strong because he puts so much work into every effect. The magic he teaches in his lectures is practical, hard-hitting and just plain fun to do! I’m a big fan of him and his work (and YOU will be, too).”

Geoff Williams

Nathan’s lecture contains hard-hitting, real world material and in-depth thinking that will make your magic better. Highly recommended!”

Michael Kaminskas

I review a lot of magic content every year. What Nathan is sharing with the community is what he really uses for his audiences when it counts. If you are serious about performing magic in the real world, for real people, you will want to take a close look at Nathan’s work. This would be a steal at twice the price.”

Anton James The Official Magician of Salem, Massachusetts

Did I mention that the production value sucks?


The Living Room Sessions contains strong stand-up magic and mentalism that:

  • I use professionally
  • Packs small and plays big
  • None of the material requires an on-stage volunteer

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