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TBT: Nathan Coe Marsh Interview

#TBT: A Conversation with Nathan Coe Marsh

Back in 2012 I had a great conversation with Sarasota newspaper The Observer about my influences, my background, and the state of my work at the time. This was just as I was slowly phasing out of close-up magic, which was the focus of the first 4 years or so of my career, and into the headline show which has completely edged out the up-close material.

“He taught the young magician how to build his stage show, which is now Coe Marsh’s main attraction; he spends most of his time traveling the country playing to corporate crowds at five-star resorts and business conferences.

“Fooling buttoned-up CEOs might seem like a stodgy undertaking, but, for Coe Marsh, it’s the perfect challenge. He loves an audience that appeals to both his Type A and Type B sensibilities.

“’Great magic has this contrast where, rationally, you know it’s not real, but, emotionally, it’s so compelling it forces you to go to the place where there’s no pat script,’ Coe Marsh says. ‘It’s a social lubricant. People’s masks fall away in the face of it.’”

You can read the full article here.

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Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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