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Classic Magic: 4,000 Years of Creativity

Classic Magic: 4,000 Years of Creativity

Nathan Coe Marsh’s Brand New Show

I am delighted to announce a brand new show available for discerning audiences at live events.

Classic Magic is my tribute to the extraordinary artists on whose shoulders I stand as a performer.

The great “composers” of magic — the creators of the masterpieces that have been personalized and updated by generations of magicians; “our” Mozart, “our” Chopin, “our” Bach — have names that have never been heard by the general public.

I firmly believe that given their vision, their intelligence, their work ethic, and their extraordinary taste; had these artists fallen for any other discipline — had they been architects, or painters, or sculptors — they would be household names.

They sacrificed notoriety because they were driven to create in a field that demands secrecy.

From a violent and legendary miracle performed for the Pharoah Cheops which is the earliest record of the performance of a magic trick, to the elegant impossibilities of feudal Japan, to extraordinary sleight-of-hand performed in the legendary Rainbow Room in New York City in 1939; Classic Magic brings you centuries of stunning impossibilities and takes you behind the scenes with the remarkable creators who have made it all possible.

Since its premiere in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala; the show has been seen in French Polynesia and in the Western Caribbean; all in preparation for your event or live venue.

I cannot wait for you to experience this show for yourself.

Kind Regards,

The Best is Yet to come!

Nathan Coe Marsh

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Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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