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14 Years in Business

Nathan Coe Marsh Celebrates 14 Years in Business

Nathan Coe Marsh Celebrates 14 Years of Captivating Live Events

March 2004:

I boarded a plane from Tampa to New York City to perform at the Bar Mitzvah of one of my magic students from a stint teaching the previous year at a Summer camp in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. It was the first event of a brand new business launched from a dorm room (the same year a student at Harvard named Mark Zuckerberg also launched a dorm room business, Facebook has since grown a bit faster).

Since that first event it has been my privilege to earn a living  doing what I love. The journey has taken me from entertaining American troops in Greenland, to the inner-city of Baltimore, to the private yacht of an NFL team owner, to over a dozen television appearances. Through it all I have had the chance to learn from people of all walks of life in 13 countries.

It is an enormous blessing. One that would never be possible without you: my clients, referral partners, fans, and friends.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

The Best is Yet to come!

Nathan Coe Marsh

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