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Corporate Event Entertainment at The Four Seasons Orlando: A Case Study

Corporate event entertainment at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando: A Case Study

“I am thankful we found him”

When a medical technology firm was looking for captivating customer event entertainment at the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, they turned to Nathan Coe Marsh. Here’s an overview of the results they experienced.

“Every year, we gather our cath lab nurses together for a dinner, and we try to provide something special for them to remember this year. This year we had Nathan perform. I have to say, it was an outstanding performance.

These are cath lab nurses, they’re a tough group of people, but Nathan had them clapping, falling out of their chair, they just absolutely loved him.

I’m thankful we found him.”

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Cedaron

“It was an amazing show! Absolutely Wonderful! … Top quality”

CEO and Co-Founder Cedaron

I would love to create the same experience at your event.

The Best is Yet to come!

Nathan Coe Marsh

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