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The Trailer For My New Film

The Trailer For My New Film is Live

Nathan Coe Marsh: Inside The Magic Castle is coming soon!

They say that the night before your first performance at the Magic Castle you can’t sleep, I can tell you it is true.

This place is, to a magician, what Carnegie hall or the Grand Ole Opry are to musicians. I grew up daydreaming about performing here, and studying the work of master performers who made their reputation under this roof.

It’s the place where you bring your very best.

Nathan Coe Marsh: Inside the Magic Castle takes you into Hollywood’s most secretive private club, a favorite night spot of tinseltown icons from Cary Grant to Johnny Depp. Home to the Academy of Magical Arts, cameras are strictly forbidden beyond the hidden entrance and you must be a member, or the guest of a member, to see the performances by the world class magicians booked inside the converted Victorian mansion. Now, you’re my guest as I invite you to experience my full show in the luxurious “Parlour of Prestidigitation,” my favorite showroom in the entire world.

The Second Trailer:

Here is the second teaser video for “Inside The Magic Castle:”

The full film will be released soon. Watch this space, or visit The Nathan Coe Marsh Show on Facebook or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for full details on the release.

Your support of creative, live entertainment means the world to me,

Nathan Coe Marsh

407.900.3831 | NCM@NCMarsh.com

Nathan Coe Marsh: 2 Minute Demo

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